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Steve Milner, a Self Portrait

Steve Milner, a Self Portrait: Photograph by Steve Milner

Just about the only picture of me I actually like

My name is Steve Milner, but I'm know as Stephen Milner to my parents. I am an amateur photographer and I live in the hills near Holmfirth, in the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK. I was born in the mid 1960s in Wakefield, a little distance away from where I live now. I have lived in few places; in London as a student and I spent a few years in Romania. Sadly these times were before my interest in photography began, in Summer 2007. Since then I have developed a passion for photography, and hopefully a little skill, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

My photographic areas of interest reflect those areas I am interested in Life. I find people fascinating, although lacking in confidence to approach people for portrait work, I have managed to capture a few shots. I enjoy all aspects of coastal images, the sea, boats and harbours, as well as rugged and beautiful cliffs. Scotland, mainly the Moray Firth area, but other areas as well, is a place I enjoy, and find true peace and relaxation there. I love nature, and when I take a picture of a desolate or foreboding urban scene, it is to remind myself what a mess mankind is capable of making, and unlike things of natural beauty in the world, over time the accomplishments of man fade away.

I would like to do more in the way of portrait work, but need to develop my confidence in approaching people. However, if anyone would like a free portrait session, and I don't have too far to travel, please drop me a line (see below). I would also like to do some 'darker' work, but so far I have no idea exactly where this will lead me. The Goth project which I have recently started may help me develop my ideas. I have seen many photographic works of art taken by other people but so far have not managed to capture anything I am completely happy with. I will continue to hone my photographic skills and if you pop by this site now and again I may have managed to keep it fresh and interesting.

I am married with two wonderful children, and try to find a balance between my work, home and photographic lives. Time is a precious resource to me. I have some excellent images of my family, but in order to keep a divide between my private family life and my photographic web persona, you will not find them here. I also don't enjoy having my own photograph taken either, which to some extent is a little ironic.

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