Steve Milner High Orbit Photography Summer Wine Galleries. Holmfirth and the Holme Valley.

Gallery 2: Not Quite The Bathtub

The area is the location for the popular BBC TV series “Last of the Summer Wine” and centres mainly around the town of Holmfirth. These pictures reflect the reality of the area, which is a pleasing contrast of both rural and urban locations set in or near the Peak District National Park. I enjoy the cultural aspects of the area, showcasing a interesting mix of youth and alternative cultural aspects, as well as the annual Holmfirth Music Festival. I also find interest in the normal day to day aspects of the area which, in contrast to the BBC images of three men flying downhill in a bathtub, document the daily routines of life in the area.

First Prize

First Prize: Photograph by Steve Milner

A category winner, Honley Show 2008. Holme Valley

Pennine Boating

Pennine Boating: Photograph by Steve Milner

The sailing club, Hade Edge, nr. Holmfirth

The Holme Moss Transmitter

The Holme Moss Transmitter: Photograph by Steve Milner

At the head of the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire

Discarded Tag

Discarded Tag: Photograph by Steve Milner

Graffiti tagged dustbin, Holmfirth

I want My MTV

I want My MTV: Photograph by Steve Milner

A Holmfirth street, the satellite dish mixing elements of the old and the new

Honley Station

Honley Station: Photograph by Steve Milner

Urban decay in a rural setting, Holme Valley, West Yorkshire

Meal Hill Road

Meal Hill Road: Photograph by Steve Milner

At the head of the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire

Drinking Perspective

Drinking Perspective: Photograph by Steve Milner

Riding Woods Reservoir, nr Holme, Holme Valley

Street Cleaning

Street Cleaning: Photograph by Steve Milner

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Boat Yard

Boat Yard: Photograph by Steve Milner

A little out of place in the hills nr. Holmfirth

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