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Human Endeavour Gallery 3 Urban Images

In Gallery 3: Urban Images: These are some of my images reflecting the influence of Man in and upon the world around him. I tend to see decay in the urban images I take. Urban's decay back to nature fill me with hope for the future, but the visions this creates as this process of decay occurs can be disturbing. Man's destructive nature is often all too visible, with graffiti tags and rubbish build up being examples of this. I am exploring the interaction between Man and the natural environment as well as Man and his own environment. In these images, my affinity with water can be strongly seen, and I enjoy walking the rivers and canals of the urban landsacpe. I have a personal interest in telecommunications and the images of networking switches and cables as well as the angles of the power lines I find particularly evocative. Being evacuated from Leith Hall in Scotland while visiting offered an excellent opportunity to capture the fire brigade in action.

Yorkshire Wheel

Yorkshire Wheel: Photograph by Steve Milner

At the Railway Museum, York

Fallen Down

Fallen Down: Photograph by Steve Milner

The central pier from a bridge that's gone
River Calder, Mirfield, West Yorkshire

Digital Image

Digital Image: Photograph by Steve Milner

Networking switches

Garage Junk

Garage Junk: Photograph by Steve Milner

Where to park the car?
Honley, Holme Valley

Urban Reflections

Urban Reflections: Photograph by Steve Milner

The railway crossing the River Calder
Healey, nr Osset, West Yorkshire


Monstrosity: Photograph by Steve Milner

Planning permission gone mad!

Action Stations

Action Stations: Photograph by Steve Milner

A fire engine responds to the fire alarm
Leith Hall, Nr. Aberdeen, Scotland

Meltham Mills

Meltham Mills: Photograph by Steve Milner

Demolition in progress

The Power Lines at Stocksbridge

The Power Lines at Stocksbridge: Photograph by Steve Milner

Taken from the Stocksbridge bypass, South Yorkshire


Ropes: Photograph by Steve Milner

Part of the childrens playground, Holme Village
Holme Valley, West Yorkshire

Somebody Else's Problem

Somebody Else's Problem: Photograph by Steve Milner

Clearing out the rubbish from the canal, by sending it downstream
Mirfield, West Yorkshire

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