Steve Milner High Orbit Photography Miscellaneous Galleries.

Miscellaneous Gallery 3: Galloway

The Galloway Gallery. These images are from the Galloway area of the Lowalnds of Scotland. A beatufiul area combining tropical paradise gardens, rolling hills, glacial carved scenery and long sandy beaches. This area also contains some interesting stone circles and megaliths as well as some of the early Christian settlements. Whithorn has a wonderful church ruin and Glenluce a fantastic ruined abbey. I love the Torhouse stone circle. South of Whithorn is the Isle of Whithorn, boasting an impressive and intersting harbour and bay. I love Garlieston, which has a nice small harbour and some nice walks around Galloway House Gardens nearby. The South Rhins have the fantastic Logan Botanic Gardens and some lovely sandy beaches, including the Sandhead beach.

Return to Port

Return to Port: Photograph by Steve Milner

Garlieston Harbour

Standing Stones

Standing Stones: Photograph by Steve Milner


Glenluce Abbey

Glenluce Abbey: Photograph by Steve Milner

The ruined abbey at Glenluce, Galloway

Isle of Whithorn

Isle of Whithorn: Photograph by Steve Milner

A view from the harbour, towards the town. Galloway

King Explorer

King Explorer: Photograph by Steve Milner

At the Quay
Kircudbright, Dumfries & Galloway

Logan Gardens

Logan Gardens: Photograph by Steve Milner

Scotland in April!

Lobster Pots

Lobster Pots: Photograph by Steve Milner

Port William, Galloway, Scotland

Sandhead Beach

Sandhead Beach: Photograph by Steve Milner

Another beautiful day in Galloway, Scotland in April

Torhouse Stone Circle

Torhouse Stone Circle: Photograph by Steve Milner

Whithorn Church

Whithorn Church: Photograph by Steve Milner

The old runied church, Whithorn, Galloway

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